Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fall To Pieces

Woke at 6am this morning to the sound of Maggie trying to chew her way out of the crate. Last night we moved her into the small dog crate to give her more room.
She managed to pop open on of her sutures last night. It was one of the sutures high up on her leg, she had chewed away some of the bandage. Jr and I had to reapply new bandage to cover it. From what I could see the rest of the sutures appeared to be fine and still intact.

Tuna to the is the only thing we can get her to eat. I realize it is not the healthiest of choices, but it is better than not eating at all. She was crying out in pain this morning. We made the decision to go ahead and give her the pain meds early, instead of the usual time at 5pm. Since it is prescribed for once per day, I don't know what we are gonna do when she is in pain tonight. This medicine is not one I am all to familiar with, but I am pretty certain she can not take two doses in one day.

I am so ready for it to be Tuesday so we can go to the vet and he can assess the situation with the open suture, pain, and refusal to eat.

**As our thoughts are with MaggieMay, they are also with the people along the Gulf Coast as another monster storm, Gustav, heads their way.**

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Running On Empty

Maggie May isn't feeling too good today. She seems to be in quite a bit of pain. I am giving her a daily dose of Metacam to control the pain and inflammation along with Clavamox to prevent infection. She isn't eating like normal, has only eaten a few bites all day. Seems to no longer fancy her Eukanuba Kitten Formula. Strange too, cause she used to inhale it. I have also tried some Blue Spa Select wet food, but she just turns up her nose. She acted fine up until now. She is also chewing at her bandage a lot, so I dabbed it with bitter apple as a deterrent. Problem is, I think she likes the taste. Perhaps if I dabbed it with some of her wet food she would leave it alone :)

Hoping Maggie starts eating regularly again soon and her pain eases, the vet clinic is closed and it's a 3 day weekend. It will not be open again until Tuesday, when we have our bandage removal appointment. It is just always nice to be able to call and ask questions when I have concerns. Possibly find out if I can do anything to make her feel better.

Jr likes to say that I rush to call the vet if one of my cats looks at me differently. That is not entirely true, but I do pay close attention to changes in their behavior. Cats tend to hide illness very well. Besides, our pets are very "special" it seems if there is an ailment to be had one of ours has probably had it. Here are just a few ailments that have brought us to the vet's office: feline endocrine alopecia (Cal), tonsillitis (Maya) --and we thought he had eaten a string, go figure, struvite crystals (Cal) --hospitalized for 3 days for treatment with a catheter and sub-q fluids, binge eating (Dixie) --you should see the x-ray after she inhaled a 4lb bag of food.... she also loves giardelli chocolates with wrappers.....two bags at a time, personality disorder (CoCo, diagnosed by me :) --but seriously, the dog was on prozac, insecticide poisoning (Dixie) --now that was scary, saving her required lots of charcoal and IV fluids, and now a luxating patella.

Now see.... none of these diagnoses would have been possible unless I rushed to phone the vet:)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Peaceful Easy Feelin'

I don't have much to report this morning. No news is good news! Maggie May is getting very restless in her carrier. I do take her out for about 1 hour total each day to eat, drink, stretch and use the litter box. I made her bed in the carrier extra cozy with a piece of a memory foam mattress topper wrapped in her favorite blanket. I added a stuffed pink pig for a pillow--thanks CoCo. Since she is spending about 23 hours per day in the carrier, I want her to be comfy!

She is recovering very well, she walks and can even run on her leg. She shouldn't be running, so I do my best to keep her from doing that when she is out of the carrier. She is a kitten, she can't help it. This morning she even did a few wrestling moves on Maya. I think Maya is really enjoying the break! Chevelle on the other hand, has not come down stairs since Maggie came back from surgery. We've had to bring her meals to her in the cat condo. I believe she is freaked out by all the crates and carriers in the living room.

Hope you all enjoy the Labor Day holiday.......I know we will!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Our vast assortment of crates and carriers

When we brought Mags home yesterday from the vet, she was p.o.'ed to say the least! If I could translate half the things she said to us.............. Not only was she still a little tanked, but she was just. plain. mad, she was mad at that bandage on her leg, she was mad because she had zero balance and kept flipping over, she was mad cause she didn't like any of the crates or carriers we tried her in.....the list goes on.

"Hey Maizy, slip me some tools so I can break outta this prison!"

We are very blessed to have access to a large assortment of carriers and crates through the Beaufort Community Cat Project. (We use the crates to give post op care to the feral cats we spay and neuter) We tried 4 different crates and carriers. One was too big, one was too small, you get the picture. Before bed we put Maggie on the couch to eat a little supper and drink some water. She had fun with the water. She would dip her paw in the bowl, lick the water, then go to washing up her face and legs.

This is the way we wash our paw, wash our paw, wash our paw....

After she ate and washed up, it was time for some Metacam, pain medication the vet prescribed. Once that was down, Maggie settled in for the night in a large cat carrier, where she slept pretty comfortably.

"What a cruel, cruel world!"

This morning it was feeding time at 6:15am. After feeding all the others, I put Maggie May up on the couch with me. She had a ferocious appetite and ate all of her breakfast. However, when I looked down on the couch I saw a tiny tooth, hopefully it was only a baby tooth!
After breakfast Maggie finally used the litter box. It was a tough go at first because she is unable to bend her left leg and she flipped over a few times. It took many, many, tries but she finally went, standing up, and I was happy. Maggie had much better control and balance this morning. I even caught her running and playing like normal. That is when I knew it was time to go back into the carrier.

Maggie sporting her fashionable pink leg bandage.

Maggie goes back to the vet on September 2nd to get her bandage removed, and again on September 10 to get the sutures removed from her belly and her leg.

Thanks again for all the good thoughts!! My Papa's surgery has been moved to Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Wanna Be Sedated

Just got the call from the vet tech........Mags is in recovery and we can pick her up at 3:30. We are both very relieved that she had an uncomplicated surgery. Now, we are keeping our fingers crossed for an uncomplicated recovery!

Don't know about this crating her for a week deal. I tried to feed her in the crate last night. Once I shut the door she flipped out, started climbing up the sides, and took off up the stairs when I opened the door. She didn't make it far up the steps before she started crying out in pain and layed out. Boy did I feel guilty!!!

Can't wait to see her and just keep her as comfortable as possible during her recovery.
Thanks for all the good thoughts today. Keep them up for her and also for my Papa who is in the hospital preparing for gall bladder surgery.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Final Countdown

Well, here we are just 19 hours until Maggie May goes into surgery. Although Jr and I are nervous wrecks........we have complete and total faith in Dr. W. It has been said that orthopedic surgery is his specialty. Tonya, the vet tech, informed us that recovery can take 2 to 4 weeks. She must be crated for the first week, and keep a good eye on her after that. She may want to do more than her leg will allow.
Tonya recommended that we get her used to the crate so that she is not climbing the walls when she is left in there for the next week. I have a feeling that may happen anyway. Our good friend Paula lent us a very nice, spacious, wire dog crate --thanks Paula. We brought it in the house today and left it in the living room with the door open and a bed inside. I am curious to see which cat I find sleeping on the bed when I get home from work today. My money is not on Maggie, but on Maya. Tonight I will try to get her used to it, by feeding her dinner with the door closed.

She will be checked into the vet at 8:30 am Wednesday morning, at which time we will go over the estimate, sign consent forms, schedule a pick up time..........and be nothing but optimistic about what the next hours hold for her.

This morning we told Maggie to make sure she plays super hard today, it will be her last chance for a while.

**Thanks to everyone who said they will be thinking of Maggie May and sending "easy recovery vibes" her way!!**

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Big Girls Don't Cry

She may be down, but she is not out. Although she hobbles around the house on three legs, she has no qualms about putting the older cats in their place and showing them no mercy.

Weighing in at a mere 5 lbs, yet capable of putting a cat twice her size in a corkscrew moonsault or reverse neck breaker.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dazed and Confused

This morning I dropped Maggie May off for some x-rays. She was not pleased and fought me when I tried to put her in her carrier. Not long after I got back to work, Dr. W called me on my cell phone with an update. No signs of hip dysplasia, yay! However, we probably need to go ahead and surgically fix the patellar luxation :( The good news is we can go ahead and do both the knee and spay at the same time and save some money.....woo hoo! Plus, she will only have to go under anesthesia once and that is great.

So, went to pick up our Mags and she was very grateful that we came back for her. We scheduled the spay/knee surgery for August 27, 2008 at 8:30 a.m. Poor girl has no clue what she is about to endure.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Hippy Hippy Shake

Well, it took 4 days. We saw her limp, just once on Sunday, August 10. By Wednesday the 13th she was limping 25% of the time and I called to ask about supplements that may help. We started her on Platinum Performace on Friday. It is a powder that not only contains glucosamine sulfate, but all kinds of vitamins and minerals. But, despite our best efforts she became progressively worse.
Maggie May is now limping 90% of the time.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My My Hey Hey

It is August 6, 2008 and time for Maggie May's last round of booster shots. She is 16 weeks old, finally old enough to get her Rabies vaccination and spay. The wonderful Dr. W was giving Maggie May a very thorough examination when he stopped, looked at his notes, and asked if he had ever mentioned Maggie May having a luxating patella at our earlier visits. Jr and I looked at one another, shook our heads and said no, why? He said he didn't think he had, it had just been discovered.

*Luxating patella or trick knee, is a condition in which the patella, or kneecap, dislocates or moves out of its normal location. Patellar luxation is a common condition in dogs, particularly small and miniature breeds. The condition usually becomes evident between the ages of 4 to 6 months. It also occurs in cats, especially the Domestic Shorthair.* - Wikipedia

At that time, Dr. W informed us that since we have never seen any symptoms such as limping, bunny hopping, etc. She may not show symptoms for years or it could as early as months or weeks.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Maggie May

It was May 20, 2008, I was sitting at my desk at work when I got the call. It was my husband, Jr., he said come home now!! Naturally I asked what was going on? What is wrong? He wouldn't tell me and just said to get home. Luckily, we live about a mile from work so I was on my way and home in no time. I pull in to the driveway and see Jr standing beside a Nissan, not ours. It belonged to a customer, a nice lady named Maggie. What.....what is going on? You are freaking me out! He points to the car and I see her. She is crouching on the back dash, trying to hide behind the headrest. A tiny calico around 5 weeks old, scared to pieces.

Maggie May was found riding under the hood of a car my husband was test driving for work. My husband, a mechanic, was driving the car listening for squeaking brakes. Instead he heard what he thought was a cat meowing on the side of the road. He stopped the car and heard it again and decided to get out and look for it. Didn't see it anywhere on the road or ditch, then he popped the hood. She was hunkered down on the battery, shaking, eyes as big as sand dollars. He tried to grab her and she managed to wedge herself down into the engine. That is when he was able to get hold of her, put her inside the car, and bring her home.