Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Arceus Update and Happy Valentine's Day!

Arceus had his 2 week post surgical follow-up appointment today and it went very well! The vet says he looks good. YAY! He will still need four weeks of confinement since he is so young. Thanks for all the healing purrs for him. He and his mom really appreciate them! 

Happy Valentine's to all of my wonderful friends! Especially you, my King
XOXO Maggie May

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Meet Arceus - Maggie's Friend Recovering From Luxating Patella Surgery!

Maggie May would like everyone to meet her new friend, Arceus. Arceus had double knee surgery last week to correct his luxating patellas (ouch!). His mom reports that he is progressing very well. Such great news! Like Maggie May, he is no fan of the e-collar. LOL

How about we all send him lots and lots of positive vibes and purrs for his 2 week check up this coming Tuesday!