Monday, August 20, 2012

Positive Vibes and Purrs for Reese!

Maggie May has a new friend in need, Reese. She is a 3 year old tortie diagnosed about two months ago with a luxating patella. Her mom even went for a second opinion and it was reconfirmed. Today, Reese goes in for her reevaluation and her mom is very worried. Mom and Reese both need lots of purrs and positive vibes.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Welcome, April!

Maggie May has a new friend named April. She just had her surgery to repair her luxating patella. Her mom is very worried because she is still limping a bit.  Please everyone leave your positive comments for April and her mom.... especially those of you who have gone through this surgery before. Thanks!

April, it's so great to meet you! I am so sorry to hear you are only 5 days out from having your own knee surgery. I hope and purray that the surgery will take care of your naughty knee cap for good!

I had my surgeries in 2008. I am fully recovered and you'd never even know I had them. I ended up having three surgeries total because the first two didn't take because my legs are so misshapen. The third and final surgery used a method often used in dogs with ligament problems. The vet used the medical equivalent of 50lb fishing line to hold the knee caps in place. I was confined to the crate for 30 days following the last surgery. Then my mom and dad would only let me out in their bedroom for a while and I had steps going up to the bed to keep me from jumping. I still use them :) The first time I was let out of the room, my mom followed me around and kept her eye on me like a hawk, making sure I didn't jump or injure my legs in any way. Moms worry like that, as you know.

Tell your mom everything is going to be ok. I limped a little after my surgery, but walked much better after the bandages and staples were removed. Some of my friends who have gone through the surgery still limp now and then, but are feeling so much better than before. Cosequin is great for the joints and may help you with the healing. It helped me a lot!

Please keep us posted on your recovery and know that we are purraying very hard for you to make a full recovery!

Maggie May