Thursday, January 31, 2013

BillCat Update! Woohoo!

Hey y'all! I got an awesome update from BillCat's mom this afternoon:

BillCat had his 6 week checkup this morning and the vet said the left knee felt PERFECT!!!! Ahhhhhh!   So now a month of room confinement and limiting his jumping as much as we can. He says it will be 6 months before completely healed. We go back in July and BillCat will get X-rays then. And though early on in his recovery the right knee was luxating a good bit, it seems to be back to normal so hoping it won't require surgery. 

How great is that?!?! Oh, that picture sure does bring back memories!
 We've got our paws crossed for you, BillCat! You are almost there!